Tree Straightening: Cabling & Bracing

Tree Straightening: Cabling & Bracing Tree ProtectionCabling and Bracing helps V-shaped and T-shaped trees to grow in a healthy direction; this accident prevention method strengthens the tree and reduces the risk of damage during heavy winds.

Split trunk evergreens grow in a “V” shape and sway separately in the wind, the extra torque and pressure stresses the primary trunk. Cabling the trunks together solves this problem. Arbor Magic will place Cobra, a non-invasive (no drilling) dynamic cabling system, onto each trunk about 2/3rd of the way up the tree. We and connect the trunks with a 10,000 pound rated cable. This process causes the tree to grow straighter and allows the trunks to sway together. By reducing stress on the main trunk connection, the tree is less likely to snap apart during a windstorm.

The Cobra System

Tree Straightening: Cabling & Bracing Tree Protection

Large limbs, such as giant horizontal Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Cedar and Maple branches, also pose a great risk to people and property below, especially when limbs grow too close to the house, driveway, walkway and/or play area. The Cobra cabling system attaches to the tree trunk to alleviate stress along the branch. When needed, additional shock absorbers allow steady growth through defined, low-resistance oscillation.

Arbor Magic has the expertise to evaluate your tree and match the proper brace and cable system to meet your needs. We can return to monitor and adjust the system as needed. Some systems require replacement every 5 to 7 years.

We have more information on the cobra cabling system here . . . .