Windsail Reduction

Windsail Reduction

Windsail Reduction can help preserve a tall and healthy tree and prevent it from toppling over. Trees in the Pacific Northwest have extremely shallow root systems (and no tap root) due to the hard pan (or glacial silt) deposited here millions of years ago. Tree roots only descend about 3-4 feet in most circumstances. The tops of trees, an area known as windsail, can get very thick and busy. During the fall, heavy rain loosens the soil at the base of the tree. If windstorm occurs shortly after a heavy rain and a heavy gust hits the windsail, the entire tree can be taken down in an instant.

Windsail Reduction is an economical solution to this situation:

  • On the bottom half of the tree, we remove deadwood, properly cut broken branches and remove damaged limbs (known as hangers or widow makers).
  • On the top half of the tree, we prune and remove some of the healthy branches to allow wind to pass through the tree safely, reducing drag.

Windsail Reduction provides:

  • A healthier and safer tree
  • A clean tidy, proportioned appearance
  • Windows for wind to pass through the tree
  • Reduced risk of property damage or bodily injury
  • A significant reduction in ground debris after major wind events
  • Filtered sunlight (through the branches)