View Enhancement 

The Pacific Northwest is a wonderful place to live, filled with natural beauty and amazing views at every turn. While trees are an essential part of the view and landscape, some trees might grow tall or wide enough to block out the sun or essential views of the mountains, valleys or waterways.

Arbor Magic can help you increase the value of your property and your enjoyment of life at home while preserving the trees that complete the landscape.

Here are a few of the ways tree trimming, pruning or removal can increase the quality of your home:

  1. Reduce large hedges that grow into the sight line of an essential view
  2. Work with neighbors on your behalf to thin or window their trees and improve your view
  3. Create windows for view in trees that cannot be topped or reduced in height
  4. Perform select tree removals to open up certain areas for better views
  5. Reduce tree height on trees that impair your view
  6. Raise the tree canopy, removing unwanted branch material in your view

A few things to consider before removing or altering a tree:

  • How much sun you really want

  • While some sunshine is nice, too much will result in glare, higher home cooling bills, stress on your paint and sun damage to your interior walls and artwork, etc.
  • If you don’t already have blackout window treatments, you might need to invest in some prior to a tree removal or trimming.
  • Arbor Magic can discuss your options for a full or partial tree removal to create the perfect balance the sun and shade.
  • City codes and zoning requirements – some trees are protected by the city. Others may house protected wildlife. Arbor Magic will discuss the protections that might affect the trees on your property.

Call Arbor Magic Tree Services for any view enhancement situation, we are used to working with homeowners, neighbors and entire communities to facilitate the proper view enhancement plan that works for everyone.

View Trimming