Hazardous Tree Removal Service and Accident Prevention

While Arbor Magic provides around-the-clock emergency tree removal service throughout Northern and Eastern Seattle including Mercer Island, Snohomish & Sammamish, WA, accident prevention is always the preferred route for property owners. Our trained Arborists will inspect your property free of charge to spot potential disasters before they happen. Save money down the road while reducing the risk of property damage and bodily harm to people, pets and wildlife.

The Warning Signs of Hazardous Trees, Limbs and Branches

It takes the keen eye of an experienced arborist to spot potentially hazardous trees on your residential or commercial property. One tree that is covered in fungus might be perfectly healthy, while a tree that looks fine might be ripe to fall in the next windstorm.

Arbor Magic will tour your property to look for:

  • Branches, limbs and trunks with prominent or hairline cracks
  • Trees with uneven load distribution: Y and V shaped limbs 
  • Trees due for routine pruning
  • Signs of rot, mold or infestation
  • Branches that extend too close to roofs (a fire hazard), windows, walkways or parking areas
  • Trees planted too close to sidewalks, driveways, decks and foundations
  • Signs of peeled park, dead wood, brown leaves or pre-mature Autumn color

Our FREE ESTIMATE will separate areas that pose an immediate threat and elective services to maintain the health and beauty of the tree. We will never scare you into buying services you don’t need. Our goal is to provide you with friendly, easy to understand advice that will keep your property safe and green for years to come.

Hazardous Tree Removal Service