Licensed, Bonded and Insured – What This Means To You

Arbor Magic is a licensed, bonded and insured tree removal company. While many other tree removal services are on the up and up, quite a few are not.

The responsibility lies on the customer’s hands to ensure they are hiring a reputable company.

Here’s how to fully protect your finances, safety and your property. This advice applies to hiring the best Tree Service and just about any other contractor.

Step #1: Check the License

Anyone can say they have a license or print an impressive looking number on their business card. All it takes is one click to the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries to ensure the business license you’ve been shown is current and matches the business you are talking to.

Our Business License is: ARBORTS907PL

Click Here to Verify:

Step #2: Understand Your Liability

Arbor Magic is Licensed, Bonded and Insured. What does that mean? Let’s tackle them one at a time.


Proper tree removal and maintenance is a highly skilled job that should be handled by a trained and licensed arborist. Arbor Magic only employs licensed arborists; we refresh our education every year. We know how to nurture trees to help them grow. We can spot potential hazards long before they cause problems. We can remove trees, limbs and branches without damaging your property.

Unskilled laborers often damage or kill the trees they are working on by over-pruning, chipping bark, using spikes or improperly scaling trees.


Bonds protect the consumer from potential fraud. If a contractor asks for a deposit and then skips town, the customer can file a claim to recoup their money. Arbor Magic is bonded, but we rarely, if ever, ask for a deposit in advance. Our service contract protects the interests of both parties. We perform our services as described in the written estimate. When we’re done, we’ll show you our work, answer any questions and collect payment.


Did you know, if an accident occurs during the performance of a service call, the property owner could be held liable for all medical and legal claims? This is the biggest risk of hiring unlicensed companies that win jobs by underbidding work. Any company that uses uninsured laborers puts their customers in serious financial and legal jeopardy.

Arbor Magic is fully insured. We fully cover our employees and any potential property damage that could occur during a job:

  • Property Damage Insurance – if your home, garage, cars or other structures are damaged during a job, our insurance pays for repair or replacement.
  • Labor & Industries Insurance – Tree removal is hazardous work. If a worker gets injured on the job, they can file a claim with the State. The State often only covers partial claims for undocumented workers. Arbor Magic’s workers are fully documented. We also pay into Washington’s worker’s comp program for all of our employees – not many companies do. This means our workers are covered 100% for medical claims, lost wages – even re-training if they are unable to return to their current job.
Arbor Magic runs safe job sites. We insist on keeping people and children away from work areas. Their safety, and yours, is our top priority.