Fine Tree Pruning & TrimmingFine tree pruning & trimming is an art that takes a lot of time, training and practice to master. Novice tree trimmers or well-intentioned homeowners can damage or kill a tree by pruning it improperly. Arbor Magic has the expertise to trim or prune trees that are native in the Pacific Northwest. Our pruning technique varies season to season and is specific to each species of tree.

We can do the pruning and trimming for you – or provide a customized, professional guide to do it yourself.

Pruning & Trimming Services

  • Annual maintenance – most species of trees and hedges benefit from an annual pruning – Arbor Magic removes diseased, decaying or unnecessary branches to restore shape and vitality to the tree or hedge – this trimming process allows healthy branches and leaves better access to sun and water.
  • Cosmetic shaping – some species of trees and hedges benefit from specialized shaping services, once per year or once per quarter. The end result is a dramatic and artistic landscape that greatly improves property value (see sidebar).

  • Accident prevention – branches that grow too close to windows, parking spaces or other sensitive areas of your property should be pruned before they cause damage.

Ornamental & Fruit Tree Pruning

Do you want your tree to grow tall and skinny or short and wide? Do you want them custom shaped or grown in a specific pattern? Arbor Magic Tree Pruning & Trimming Services can help you do all of these things in a prescribed proper manner so that there is no harm to your trees.

  1. Arbor Magic provides proper structural pruning & trimming for your ornamental trees and shrubs
  2. We are trained in how to shape your ornamental and fruit trees for proper growth
  3. We offer residual pruning plans, scheduled as needed, to meet your needs as a property owner – and the needs of your specialty trees
  4. Fruit trees can be very difficult to prune, there are several methods we can discuss based on your needs, budget and desired fruit yield

Delicate Tree Specialists

Thinning your Japanese maple, Plum tree, or any ornamental trees incorrectly can harm the overall look and appeal of the tree. Arbor Magic Tree Services specializes in pruning & trimming delicate trees. We can help you enjoy healthy and beautiful trees for years to come.