Unwanted Tree Removal

Unwanted Tree Removal Services Throughout The Greater Puget Sound Area

Arbor Magic Tree Services provides regular tree removal services throughout Northern and Eastern King County. Although we prefer to preserve trees, we understand that there are valid reasons to remove a tree:

  • When tree roots grow under concrete patios, sidewalks or driveways, they eventually grow large enough to compact soil and then crack the concrete.
  • Trees planted to close to a house, garage or other structure will eventually grow roots that will crack the foundation.
  • If trees are planted too close together, the health of all the trees can be affected; removing a few trees can save the larger group.
  • Some trees become diseased and die. Others grow limbs too close to homes or power lines.
  • Trees can grow to block the sun or block views of the mountains or water. In some cases, partial limb removal can open up views without removing the entire tree.
  • Sometimes, existing trees no longer fit into the best landscaping plan for a property.
  • Certain flowering or coning trees leave too much debris on the ground, causing additional expense to maintain a clean and tidy property.
  • Additional space might be needed to build a garage, home addition, garden or playground.

If you have an unwanted tree, hire a professional tree removal expert that is licensed, bonded and insured. Tree removal is extremely dangerous work. Crew and/or bystanders can get hurt if something goes wrong and property can get seriously damaged. Arbor Magic Tree Services has all the gear, equipment, personnel and professional expertise to safely remove a tree in any location.

Hazardous Tree Identification, Repair and Removal

A little preventative maintenance to your trees can save you a lot of unnecessary expense down the line – including personal injury and pricey insurance claims to repair your home, car and other property. Arbor Magic can inspect your property for potential problems for FREE. Learn more about our Hazardous Tree Services.

Our Tree Removal Process

Unwanted Tree Removal

Although we normally climb trees for removal, we also utilize lift trucks when trees are located in difficult spots. Our climbers normally drop pieces of wood on the ground, however, in sensitive locations we will lower pieces to the ground by ropes using friction devices to minimize or eliminate damage to the surrounding gardens, plants or property.

The most common method for removing a tree in urban areas is the spur and saddle method. This method involves a highly skilled climber who is specifically trained in safety procedures, climbing, cutting, knot tying, and proper lowering methods. Our climbers use spikes strapped to their legs and a lanyard rope that wraps around the tree to secure themselves to the tree the same way most loggers do.

Unwanted Tree Removal

24 Hour Emergency Tree Service Available

Arbor Magic Tree Services provides 24-hour emergency tree service. We can bill your insurance company for this service if your policy allows, especially when a tree falls on your property and requires immediate removal. Before you have a problem, ask your agent what is and isn’t covered regarding large tree maintenance and removal. In many cases, insurance policies ONLY cover removal of the portion of the tree that fell. The rest of the removal will be at the homeowner’s expense. Learn more about our 24 Hour Emergency Tree Removal Services.

Unwanted Tree Removal

After Removal is Complete

After the removal is complete, Arbor Magic chips all the branches into mulch by running them through a wood chipper. You can keep any logs (split or whole) for firewood or building materials, or we will arrange to have it removed by our wood haulers. Tree removal is a messy job, some sawdust will remain after cleanup – in most cases, sawdust mulch is great for the yard.

Unwanted Tree Removal


Accident prevention is very important, so we recommend all homeowners with large trees to evaluate all of the trees on their property every few years. Arbor Magic offers a free site-inspection to spot potential hazards before they become problematic. Windsail reductions, canopy reductions, pruning, and deadwood removal immediately improve the beauty of your property and can save you money and headaches down the road.