Best Practices and Industry Guidelines

Arbor Magic follows the industry guidelines and best practices set forth by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), the governing body that certifies arborists. ISA guidelines cover all aspects of tree care and pruning.

Many yard and lawn care companies will prune your trees if asked, but leaving your trees in the hands of untrained professionals could present unnecessary risk.


Working With a Certified Arborist

Six reasons why Arbor Magic crews are well trained to protect your house, your trees and your overall legal liability

  • You can trust Arbor Magic to live up to the ISA Certified Arborists Code of Ethics, meaning our services will meet the highest national standards for tree care and pruning.

  • We’ll find the best way to fulfill your requests while also doing what’s best for the health of the tree, the integrity of your house and foundation, and the safety of people and pets on your

  • Certified arborists do more than cut back branches, they take into account a variety of factors to improve the health of your tree(s), including soil health, sun and water exposure, nutrition and fertilization, rot, mold and invasive species treatment and removal, tree density and tree placement, and much more. Arbor Magic crews are well trained in these subjects; they are experts in trees that are native to the Pacific Northwest and the most common issues related to their health

  • Arbor Magic crews provide a variety of protective solutions for large branches and limbs, including pruning, bracing and cabling.

  • All Arbor Magic tree care specialists are licensed, bonded and insured to limit the customer’s legal and financial liability from on-the-job accidents, including personal injury and property damage. Arbor Magic will properly prepare and block off the job site for maximum protection to people and property.

  • By being up on all applicable property codes and laws, Arbor Magic can explain your options if your request can lead to a citation or fine from the city, including illegal tree removal or making alterations that will expose a protected tree to unwarranted rot, infection or water damage.