Taking care of the trees is not an easy job! Just like a kid, it also asks for proper attention and care. While some tree jobs are simple and small, others can be too big and risky to do on your own. In such situation, calling a professional is always the best option, especially when it is about pruning.

Tree pruning is a practice to maintain the health of the tree by removing the decayed, diseased and unwanted aging branches. It seems to be an easy task to do but is not so. A little mistake can cause a big problem. There are chances that the tree gets overpruned which would be harmful to its health and also there is a risk to the life and property of the person pruning the tree.

You can’t take a risk! So, it would be better to hire an arborist. It is a great deal since a professional has well-versed knowledge related to each tree and has the experienced to tackle the situations like tree branching nearby fences, electric wires, etc. He knows how and which tool to use keeping everyone’s safety in concern.

But, this does not mean you hire any arborists and blindly trust them. It’s about your money and safety, so you must ensure that you have chosen the right tree care professionals.

Are You Hiring the Right Arborists?

Here are some of the points to get clear before you hire an arborist:

• Does the company look professional? Only the professionals can serve you with the safe and secure services. Browse the website to know more about the company, its work experience and their professionalism in providing services. Check out the behavior of the professionals and condition of their trucks and equipment. If everything is cleaned and in a secure state, then you might think that they will take care of your trees and property as well.

• Are they certified? When it comes to certification, look for the company where the arborists are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) or are Certified Tree Care Safety Professional (CTSP). Certification proves that quality of work and experience. So, prefer the one with certification and not the one offering services at cheap rates.

• What would be the duration of the project? As the time duration varies from company to company, take the decision as per your requirement.

• Which all equipment will they go for? An expert knows which equipment is needed for an appropriate area or tree. He won’t run all over your area with heavy power equipment. So, by the type of equipment he chooses for your backyard, you can get a hint of its knowledge and experience.

• Have you taken the detailed estimate for the whole process? Ask for the written estimates from different companies and compare them on the basis of price, service and time. This would assist you a lot in finding the best out of all.

• Do they offer the latest insurance certificate and a replica of their work contract? It is very much necessary that you get this point clear before signing any contract. This is required to provide you peace of mind in case of any accident or damage. If they are insured, you need not worry much. Otherwise, you have to face some critical issues.

• Any references? If the arborists are truly providing excellent services, they won’t mind sharing the list of their satisfied customers. Consult with the customers related to the service offered by the arborists. After all, only a customer can help another customer!

Hire an arborist only when you get the answer for all of these questions in positive. It’s a quite boring job but is mandatory task when it is about the safety of your property and life.