As the weather gets warm, people begin to spend more time in the backyard. It’s wonderful! Summer is the perfect time to celebrate, to enjoy leisure time with family and friends under the green shades of the trees. But, what if someone gets hurt? What if the victim in a kid?

Well, it’s your responsibility to provide a safer environment in your garden to all. You cannot neglect a single sign of danger when it comes to the safety of your beloved ones.

To keep your garden safe, you can go for several practices like growing harmless plants, keeping the snakes and other such creatures away from your garden, cutting out the sick trees, building conventional boundaries, etc.  Among all these, the simplest yet effective method is Tree pruning.

Pruning is the most traditional method of tree maintenance. It is not just a great way to ensure your safety, but this practice is beneficial for the trees as well.

Is Your Backyard Safe?

Here are various reasons to go for this practice:

  • This practice reduces the risk of tree fall. Thus, provides a peace of mind to you!
  • As it controls the size and height of the tree, it gives a structural look to the tree. Just remove the old and dense branches, and see how amazing your tree looks!
  • It removes the dead and decay parts. Thus, serve the trees with a golden chance to grow healthy.
  • This method also helps in improving the quality of flowers and fruits one gets from the trees. Go for this practice and enjoy the tastiest fruits!
  • Pruning supports the branches in raising high and providing better-shaded area.
  • Tree pruning in the summer prevents the spread of disease. Thus, it not just enhances the health of a tree, but also increases its lifespan.
  • Pruning is also necessary to increase the air and light penetration inside the crown of the tree.

How to check if your tree needs to be pruned?

  • Hanging branches: The branches hanging over your house, power lines, or nearby the street road can be dangerous. Such branches need just a stroke of wind to fall, or might not that also. If you find any branch hanging, get it pruned.
  • Oozing Sap: It is commonly seen that the trees bleed in summer. It is not dangerous but is uncomforting as it is sticky and dirty. Make your backyard lovely and comfortable by removing such trees.
  • Tangled Branches: If you find the branches rubbing each other or making criss-cross pattern, the tree requires to be pruned. This is so because the rubbing branches can damage itself and make the tree weak. As this reduces the contact with air and light, it makes the tree more vulnerable to diseases. Make the tree healthier by eliminating such branches. This is also useful for giving a magnificent look to your backyard.
  • Dead and Decayed part: A diseased, dead part can be harmful to the proper growth of a tree. It prevents the supply of proper nourishment to the whole tree and weakens it from inside day by day. You cannot wait for the day when the tree becomes too weak to fall. Get it pruned.

As now you are aware of what Tree pruning is and why it is necessary, go for it. So, that if someone asks you, “Is your backyard safe?”, you won’t hesitate to reply with a “Yes.”

Even though it is always good to ask an arborist to do the tree pruning, you can also do it on your own if you have the precise knowledge and required types of equipment. It’s true that a landscaped yard gives a million buck look to your home, but a secure and fascinating backyard can make it appear incredible!